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+Support for live and enduring CE activities

The Challenge

(ISC)2, a global not-for-profit leader in security profession education and certification, needed a learning management tool to deliver a seamless online education experience for their members from login to activity completion.

Our Solution

Working with (ISC)2 stakeholders we implemented EthosCE PRO as their source for providing online training to their users.  A Single Sign On integration was added to streamline the user workflows from their main website to EthosCE. To make for a seamless user experience the (ISC)2 EthosCE PRO site was designed to mirror the look and feel of their primary website. 

Keys to Success

Clear vision

  • (ISC)2 understood the role that an LMS plays would play within their business
    • Carefully discerned the best way to use the LMS for their business needs
      • Planned out what business process would take place inside the LMS and what would happen on their main site
      • Investigated the most effective ways to integrate systems that would provide them additional tools for their business needs. 
      • Open to solutions that would provide the least impact to both the LMS and their external systems.
  • Identified how to marry both the capabilities of the LMS with the needs of their users to create a seamless user workflow
  • Choosing the right team
  • (ISC)2 selected stakeholders that would play key roles in implementing EthosCE and identified when they should be involved.
    • Project Manager
      • Acted as the main point of contact on the client's side
      • Facilitated communication between both teams
      • Followed up with requests for feedback, status of deliverables, and updates to the timeline
    • Technical lead
      • Managed any technical development and integration on the client side (e.g. SSO)
      • Demonstrated expert knowledge on best practices and tools needed for integration
    • LMS administrator
      • Team member that would be interacting the most with the LMS
    • Decision Maker
      • Team member that would be signing off on project scope