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500,000+ health professionals have earned over 6 million continuing education (CE) credits using EthosCE Learning Management System.



One monthly low price. One powerful LMS. Our most popular and economical plan for medical associations, academic CME centers, and healthcare systems.

EthosCE Enterprise

One powerful learning management system fully customized to your brand and features. Ideal for large associations, academic centers, and health systems.

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+Easy-to-Use and Affordable

+Branded Interface

+Unlimited Learners & Courses


+Graded Assessments & Evaluations

+Personal Profiles & CE Transcripts

+ACCME PARS, NARS, ABIM, CE Broker, CPE Monitor & Much More...

+24/7 Reporting

+SCORM, Tin Can & Digital Media Support

+e-Commerce & Shopping Cart

+Cloud Hosting

+Expert Help Desk and Onsite Training

+Integrations with 3rd Party Applications

+Data Migration

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What to Look for When Integrating Your Netforum Pro AMS

If you have NetForum Pro AMS, you don’t have to give up a great AMS platform to use an LMS of your choosing. Knowing which LMS works best with your NetForum Pro AMS is essential to getting the most out of your AMS for the success of your CE program. In this post we’ll show you the hallmarks of the best LMS to integrate with your NetForum Pro AMS.

Look for platform that offers seamless data transfer between your NetForum Pro AMS and LMS

Your first hurdle in selecting the right LMS to integrate with your NetForum Pro AMS is to ensure that the platform offers a comprehensive integration services, allowing you to rest assured that the two platforms work together seamlessly. This definitely is not a DIY task, you will need an enterprise-grade LMS that is highly competent in data management and AMS-LMS integration.

Choose an LMS that helps you keep your data clean, accessible, and easy to share

With a full-featured LMS, you will be able to get complete control of your CE data and review association insights through the same dashboard. With EthosCE Analytics, for example, your data is accessible through a series of customizable dashboards. You can...

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