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One monthly low price. One powerful LMS. Our most popular and economical plan for medical associations, academic CME centers, and healthcare systems.

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One powerful learning management system fully customized to your brand and features. Ideal for large associations, academic centers, and health systems.

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+Easy-to-Use and Affordable

+Branded Interface

+Unlimited Learners & Courses


+Graded Assessments & Evaluations

+Personal Profiles & CE Transcripts

+ACCME PARS, NARS, ABIM, CE Broker, CPE Monitor & Much More...

+24/7 Reporting

+SCORM, Tin Can & Digital Media Support

+e-Commerce & Shopping Cart

+Cloud Hosting

+Expert Help Desk and Onsite Training

+Integrations with 3rd Party Applications

+Data Migration

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Aptify AMS – Finding the Right LMS for Optimal Integration

Looking to give your Aptify association management software (AMS) a boost as you launch your CE program? Look for an LMS that does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on member services. Without the right LMS, your best efforts and providing top-tier user experience and superior educational content may go to waste. A poorly designed LMS that doesn’t help your organization become more productive can become a barrier to customer service excellence.

In this post, we will show you the best way to determine if an LMS is the best fit for your Aptify AMS.

What are “Enterprise-Grade” Features?

Before we go any further, let’s define our terms. While many LMS systems may offer a range of useful features, only enterprise-grade platform capabilities facilitate and sustain long-term program growth.

Enterprise-grade features include comprehensive analytics, advanced learner and classroom tracking, and administrative automation. An enterprise-grade LMS platform also handles the critical tasks, like multi-source data collection and platform security monitoring, things most AMS platforms were not designed to manage.

With access to the right LMS, your Aptify AMS has a powerful operations ally, helping it scale...

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How to Tell When You Need a Continued Medical Education Software

While managing a fledgling continuing medical education (CME) program with your existing administrative system may work well during the first few months, as your program grows, your resources and team may be pulled in multiple directions. With growth comes complexity and diversity of educational and resource management needs. It is essential to know the signs of an overtaxed medical education management system to ensure your program’s success. In this post, we will show you three signs that it is time to consider a learning management system (LMS) platform designed specifically for continuing medical education.

Big Data Shouldn’t Be a Big Problem

If your program data is accumulating rapidly, becoming unmanageable, and provides few actionable insights, your organization can benefit from an LMS designed for CME.

The amount of data that your organization generates grows along with programming. As your marketing campaigns become increasingly successful, or you expand course offerings, your data will become more valuable to the strategy-building process (by sheer volume and depth of potential insights) and harder to manage.

At this juncture, the discovery process involved in searching for, testing, and narrowing down an array of data management options will be lengthy, costly, and disruptive to your team’...

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Why an LMS Should Cultivate a CE Healthcare Community

In virtually every aspect of our professional and social lives, community interaction is essential, and CME is no exception. Learners are more engaged with their educational experiences and have better outcomes when they are a part of a community. A CE healthcare community can also help you attract new members and intensify your existing learners’ connection to your organization. That said, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. In this post, we’ll examine how your LMS can support the development of a CE healthcare community.

Create a CE Healthcare Community to Promote “Organic” Learner Engagement

Developing a powerful brand around your CE programming means having an LMS that cultivates shared educational experiences and peer-to-peer interactions. When you see your brand as a community like a neighborhood, you will quickly realize that the only “news” that matters is “local” news.

What are your members thinking about your educational offerings at the moment, and how can you enter that moment and give them an even better experience?

The right LMS will support member polling and feedback, allowing you to incorporate fresh insights into community-building efforts....

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