Joel DeGrands, BA
Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

Joel DeGrands is the Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of DLC Solutions. He was formerly the Director of Distance Learning at Medical Consumer Media where he pioneered the development of the first generation of rich media tools for medical associations and the pharmaceutical industry. These technologies have become the cornerstone for many organizations’ e-learning strategies and have exponentially extended the program reach to their target audiences. Joel is an expert in multiple industry-leading digital and social media technologies.

Ezra Wolfe, MS
Chief Technology Officer and Partner

As chief technology officer and product manager at DLC Solutions/EthosCE, Ezra interacts with CE professionals working in the field every day. Working on our flagship product, EthosCE, Ezra actively solicits input from our customers on how to make our application solve problems. That input goes directly into our product planning meetings where Ezra works alongside some of the smartest and most dedicated software engineers and quality assurance professionals in the CE industry. Hand-in-hand with our marketing and customer support teams, Ezra’s team delivers monthly updates and new features to the leading LMS in the CE industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in online design and development in the healthcare education vertical, Ezra is unique qualified to lead our technology team.

Ezra started in the newspaper industry where he focused on the visual display of information, both online and in print. That experience was excellent preparation for making the administration and delivery of learning simple and effective. Both jobs involve simplifying complex information and making it easier to create and consume. Ezra has also worked in consumer healthcare marketing and education and traveled the world implementing technology systems for leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Mr. Wolfe holds a master’s degree from the University of Kansas and a bachelor’s from Syracuse University.

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