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5 Simple ACCME Commercial Independence Documentation Management Tips

If the mere words “commercial independence” sends shivers down your spine, you aren’t alone. A call for feedback by the ACCME recently produced more than 140 responses, which revealed the concern many CME directors feel about the challenges of commercial standards compliance.

In this post, we will help you lay any doubts to rest about your organization’s ability to achieve and maintain commercial independence with 5 proven tips that are painless and simple to follow.

The Commercial Independence Documentation Checklist: Can You Pass Our Quiz?

Documenting commercial independence can be a daunting challenge, but since it is also an unavoidable one, you should be pleased (yes, pleased!) to learn that it can also be a painless task. Before we show you how to remove the fear factor from ACCME commercial standards compliance (it’s possible, we promise!), let’s take a short quiz to determine how ready your organization is for PARS-compliant documentation.

1) Do you have a central administrative portal to design, generate, and distribute commercial independence reports throughout your organization?

Solution: An enterprise-grade CME management platform would...

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Choosing the Right Enterprise Learning Management System for Your AMS

While you might be hesitant to look for an enterprise learning management system (LMS) in such a crowded market, you are also probably well aware that your association management system would benefit from an efficiency boost (and the curriculum components an enterprise-grade LMS would provide).

If you choose wisely, there is no need to worry about the on-boarding process when integrating a new platform with your existing association management software. The right LMS will add value, not complications, to your organization’s workflow. Read on for tips on how to choose software that is the right fit for your AMS.

Task Automation Will Save Your (Work) Life

Look for a learning management system that redefines productivity for your organization by amplifying efficiency and innovation with proven technologies.

With an...

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Healthcare LMS Vendors That Provide More Than Just Software

As a part of a growing organization, you know that the LMS software you select is key to your healthcare CE program’s successful development. You also know that the best software in the world can end up costing your organization money instead of paying for itself if the platform is not user-friendly and lacks support. In this post, we’ll help you identify healthcare LMS vendors offering you more than just software.

Know What Type of Vendor will be the Right Partner Before you Begin Your Search for a New Platform

From data management to task automation to curriculum development support, your LMS should treat your organization like a partner enterprise, not a one-time customer. So what does your organization really need from an LMS vendor?

Your chosen LMS vendor should streamline your data management process while adding powerful analytics capabilities to your toolkit.

Choose Data Mastery Over Data Overload

Believe it or not, you do have a choice between the “big” aspect of data becoming a significant problem or a huge asset. If your vendor is offering nothing more than access to a software platform, you will have to create your own data collection, management, and analytics solutions.

That’s a tall order, but one that is critical to your organization’s ability to create the kind of data-driven...

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