Each month we invite our friends to discuss a wide-range of salient topics across web technology, e-learning and continuing education in the health professions. We hope you enjoy these timely webinars and please let us know of any topics you would like to see discussed or nominate yourself to present!


Five Keys to Successful CME Outcomes Measurement

Jeremy C. Lundberg, CEO of EthosCE Learning Management System moderates this expert panel including Derek Dietze and Dr. Christopher Viereck of ImproveCME.com. Derek and Christopher shared their insights and expertise on what they consider the “5 Keys to Successful CME Outcomes Assessment. Practical steps, discussion, case studies, and live Q&A are presented. This program is designed for intermediate and advanced continuing education professionals in healthcare.

New Data on Clinician Learning: What does it mean for my CME practice?

Research exploring clinician learning is of little value if it is not shared and leveraged broadly by those within the CME community to drive innovation and improve educational planning.

Moderated by Jeremy Lundberg of EthosCE Learning Management System, this session introduces three new and emerging data sets that have been collected by Brian S. McGowan, PhD. Dr. McGowan will structure each data set to highlight the problem, the methods of exploration, and the data or conclusion that could be drawn. These new ideas will then be put into the context of the educational planning process with the goal of allowing those within the CME community to effectively leverage these data and lessons to immediately impact their planning processes.

Automating Regularly Schedule Series in Continuing Medical Education using Technology

The management of RSS regulatory and attendance documentation is a resource intensive function for hospital-based continuing medical education (CME).  This webinar discusses how EthosCE Learning Management System automates and streamlines the management of RSS and live meetings using web and mobile technologies.  Data and case studies from major health systems and tips for strategic planning are discussed. 

Driving CME Process Improvement using Lean Six Sigma Methologies

Moderated by Jeremy Lundberg, MSSW,  Danielle Milbauer, MBA, Administrative Director of the Office of Continuing Medical Education at the NYU Post-Graduate Medical School and Raja Venkata Akunuru, PMP, LSSBB, CSM, of EthosCE Learning Management System will discuss 5 key steps to driving process excellence and creating a collaborative, service-oriented organizational culture within your CME enterprise. 

Lean Six Sigma strategies, techniques and tools focus on process improvement that will enhance operational performance by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies through a range of practices and tools. Today, Lean Six Sigma is widely used by academic centers, health systems and corporations to advance patient care. This webinar promises to introduce evidence-based management strategies that will change how we conduct our operational strategies within continuing education (CE) in the health professions.

Becoming an Entrepreneurial CME Enterprise

Moderated by Jeremy Lundberg of EthosCE Learning Management System, Chitra Subramaniam, PhD, discusses how she and her colleagues are transforming Duke Office of CME into an entrepreneurial enterprise.

Dr. Subramaniam is the Assistant Director for the Center of Educational Excellence and the Assistant Dean of the Duke Office of Continuing Medical Education at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Special attention will be given to strategies used to drive growth and innovation as well as building partnerships with key stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how economic forces are impacting traditional CME models.
  2. What does "entrepreneurial CME" mean?
  3. Learn about effective strategies for changing organizational culture within the CME enterprise.