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400,000+ health professionals have earned over 6 million continuing education (CE) credits using EthosCE Learning Management System.




One monthly low price. One powerful LMS. Our most popular and economical plan for most medical associations, academic CME centers, and healthcare systems.

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One powerful learning management system fully customized to your brand, feature sets, and source code. Ideal for large associations, academic centers, and health systems.

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+Easy-to-Use and Affordable

+Branded Interface

+Unlimited Learners & Courses


+Graded Assessments & Evaluations

+Personal Profiles & CE Transcripts

+ACCME PARS, CE Broker, CPE Monitor

+24/7 Reporting

+SCORM, Tin Can & Digital Media Support

+e-Commerce & Shopping Cart

+Fully Hosted or Open Source Versions

+Expert Help Desk and Onsite Training

+Integrations with 3rd Party Applications

+Data Migration

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Moving into the Future with LMS Technology

Learn tips to streamline your medical learning management system

One thing that never ceases to amaze is watching science fiction becoming reality. Bionics once imagined in Star Wars have now been developed to replace limbs and organs with mechanical versions. And Google is developing a smart contact lens to assist people with diabetes by measuring and monitoring the glucose levels of their tears. This amalgamation of biology and machinery is just a glimpse of what is to come in the world of healthcare.

Utilizing technology is the future within all elements of the health industry. Continuing medical education is no different. More than ever, it is important to take advantage of everything your learning management system has to offer.

Three Tips to Streamline Your Continuing Medical Education Learning Management System
  1. Facilitate E-Learning With Access Requirements/Conditions. This tip will make both the administrator and the learner happy. You can eliminate a number of tedious processes by utilizing a feature that allows the administrator to set a range of scores for a course object. This allows you to set a score range that...
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Is Interactive Video Right for Healthcare Continuing Education?

In the past few weeks I’ve written roundups of both commodity and enterprise video providers for healthcare continuing education providers. So what’s next? Interactive video!

Interactive video allows content, such as hotspots, text, forms, images, polls or quizzes, to appear on top of video. Instead of passively watching the video, the viewer can interact with it and change what’s going to happen next. Viewers are rewarded with more relevant content and educational providers gain increases in viewer engagement and knowledge retention.

If you haven’t experienced interactive video yet, stop reading and try it now. Here are a few examples.

Why a Should Healthcare Continuing Education Provider Use Interactive Video?



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