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One monthly low price. One powerful LMS. Our most popular and economical plan for most medical associations, academic CME centers, and healthcare systems.

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One powerful learning management system fully customized to your brand, feature sets, and source code. Ideal for large associations, academic centers, and health systems.

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+Easy-to-Use and Affordable

+Branded Interface

+Unlimited Learners & Courses


+Graded Assessments & Evaluations

+Personal Profiles & CE Transcripts

+ACCME PARS, CE Broker, CPE Monitor

+24/7 Reporting

+SCORM, Tin Can & Digital Media Support

+e-Commerce & Shopping Cart

+Fully Hosted or Open Source Versions

+Expert Help Desk and Onsite Training

+Integrations with 3rd Party Applications

+Data Migration

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Don’t Play Whisper Down the Lane with Your Learners

Use Your LMS to Communicate Effectively

Everyone played the game Whisper Down the Lane at some point in elementary school. It is the “go-to” game to learn about communication. By the time the whispered phrase reaches the end of the line, it has become a humorously garbled version of the original phrase. The teacher then gives a short lesson about the importance of clear and direct communication to prevent rumors and confusion.

Most associations utilize some sort of learning management system software to manage CME learners, courses, requirements, and certifications. While any software can cut down on mistakes and oversights, it also has the capacity to devolve into a technologically-advanced game of “Whisper Down the Lane.”

Wouldn’t you rather have LMS software that improves communication? Don’t leave your administrators and learners confused. Using reports and data, evaluations, and integration, the best learning management software provides a system to foster clear communication.

How To Use Your Learning Management Software To Communicate

First, you should know that 2017 is all about...

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The Future Of Continuing Education Software in 2017 and Beyond

Continuing education programs remain a flexible and exciting option for those searching for professional development.

The landscape of continuing education software remains in a constant state of growth due to the pressures of global competition and the pace at which technology advances. Consequently, working professionals must continually expand their knowledge base in order to remain competitive in their respective fields. CE software helps facilitate this process by providing accessible and realistic learning platforms. Lifelong learning not only helps individuals stay relevant in their fields, but also promotes ongoing competitiveness and competency.

While it goes without question that continuing education programs will remain relevant in the digital age, the demands placed on e-learning providers will have to change according to learner needs. In the future, e-learning providers will have to not only facilitate updates and at appropriate pace of change, but also:

  • Address emerging trends and needs
  • Develop programs...
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Continuing Medical Education Companies With Software to Promote Engagement

There are plenty of CME companies out there these days. The challenge is to find one that will actively engage your physicians.

Finding a CME software vendor that aligns with the needs of your organization is a challenging but rewarding venture. Your goals for CME are likely diverse, ranging from reduced costs to increased reporting capabilities. In order to meet these goals, you must find a continuing medical education company with software that both supports your objectives and offers an engaging user experience. Active physician engagement is critical to successful CME outcomes and should be pursued by your CME provider.

When researching CME vendors, look for software options that:

  • Reduce administrative costs through a streamlined LMS
  • Comply with ACCME, ABIM and other accrediting guidelines to encourage high-quality CME
  • Improve physicians’ learning experiences with engaging course material
  • Demonstrate measurable outcomes through automated reporting features

To better understand the CME programs offered by different vendors, it may be beneficial to request a demo. This...

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