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Spring 2017 Update on ABIM MOC

Internists and subspecialists certified in 1990 or later have followed Maintenance of Certification (MOC) procedures created by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) throughout their careers. Now, after nearly three decades, the ABIM has completely overhauled the MOC program, creating new processes and procedures intended to simplify and streamline continuing medical education requirements.

Understanding the New MOC Assessment

One of the most stressful tasks physicians face is the requirement to take a comprehensive MOC assessment every 10 years. As ABIM considered options for the revised MOC program, careful consideration was given to practitioners' request for greater flexibility when it comes to completing assessments. Specifically, physicians named convenience, relevance and choice as their primary concerns with MOC assessments.

ABIM responded with a new option – a shorter assessment administered every two years. As the program develops further, these shorter assessments will be tailored to particular specialties, increasing their relevance for participants. The new program will be available to eligible...

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Improve Your Adult Learning Program With CEU Tracking Software Support

CEU tracking software provides effective and seamless regulation of continuing education user participation.

Adult learners from a variety of professions utilize continuing education programs to keep up to date with the latest technology, laws, and regulations in their fields. Because today’s workplace is often reliant upon changing technology and advancing knowledge, many professionals are encouraged to upgrade their skills through ongoing training.

In order to measure individual participation and progress in a course, the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has established criteria to standardize the process of issuing credits. These criteria are measured through continuing education units (CEUs) which professionals accumulate as they proceed through the course activities.

Professionals who achieve CEUs not only stay up-to-date in their fields, but also further demonstrate their commitment to improving job performance. It takes about ten hours of course participation to earn one CEU, and most certification programs require...

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Engage Your Learners with Integrated CME Activities

Use Your LMS to Facilitate Learner Engagement in CME Seminars

Most of us can remember (not so fondly) having a professor who droned on and on and on….

There is debate on whether lecturing is ineffective in itself or the lecturers themselves are bad at lecturing. However, there is no debate that educational trends are leaning towards a “both/and” approach to learning. (If you’re unfamiliar, the both/and approach can be used when comparing two or more choices. It allows for a variety in decision making that is impossible when using the more rigid either/or approach.)

CME is following suit, especially in e-learning. Your e-learning courses do not have to be strictly lecture or exclusively reading comprehension. It is the norm for learning management systems to offer various methods to relay educational information. Long and short form assessments, multimedia presentations, and events are just a few of these methods.

However, it’s often the case that courses don’t take full advantage of...

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