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5 Characteristics to Look for When Hiring Your LMS Administrator

Your team is all set with selecting a learning management system (LMS). But have you planned how to support it, your learners, and your CE/CME department stakeholders? Identifying an capable LMS Administrator is crucial to supporting your LMS. The LMS administrator will be the product owner and can make or break the system rollout.
To try and define the characteristics of a successful LMS administrator, we asked two seasoned CE/CME LMS veterans what skills and characteristics are most valuable.

1. Leadership skills

Leadership takes multiple forms: from leading a team to collaborating with others, the LMS administrator must be able to get multiple stakeholders to agree and work together.
Laura Nelsen, Senior Education Manager at National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP), manages a team of three and is responsible for all of NAPNAP’s professional education initiatives.
“We have a Senior Education Manager, an Education Specialist and an Events and Logistics Specialist. We work collaboratively. It is challenging because we’re all trying to meet the needs of our learners and make sure they have a positive experience.”
When on the...

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Valued Members Lead to Valuable Members

Use Membership Reports and Assessment to Improve Member Loyalty

Do I get my money’s worth?
Is this money better spent elsewhere?
Have I grown professionally because of this association?
Do I find attending association meetings to be time well spent?

These are some questions that members of your association might ask themselves when membership renewal comes due. For some, renewal is a no-brainer. It is clear that the membership is valuable and worth continuing.

But there are others who might be on the fence. Maybe their financial situation has changed, and they are reevaluating all expenses. Or, maybe they have not interacted with the association much, and they don’t see the value. These are the members that you need to engage with more pointedly.

The solution to membership retention is not simple, but the most important factor is causing new members to feel valued by the association and, in turn, value the association and view membership as beneficial to them personally and professionally.

Fortunately, your membership management system can be a resource for increasing membership retention. You can use it to find out what your members need -- then use the information to improve and increase the value of your association.

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Learning Management Success in 2016 and a Sneak Peak into 2017

2017 will be the year of xAPI, User Interface, and Informal Learning

As technology develops, more robust methods to track different learning styles, from independent research to class participation, are becoming available. It’s important to stay on top of the latest methods of tracking and allocating continuing medical education (CME) credits.  One such development is xAPI, though still in the beginning stages of widespread acceptance, it’s a useful tool quickly gaining popularity.

xAPI promises to yield tremendous results for continuing medical education. The xAPI update in October 2016, is one of the best learning management successes of the year.

What’s in store for 2017? How will xAPI influence instructional and user interface designs for learning management systems?

Learning Management Trends for 2017

In recent years, it’s become clear that CME data tracking systems need to be able to track informal learning methods as well as formal ones. That...

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